We are a compassionate people of faith, committed to following Jesus Christ by loving God, creating disciples, sharing hope, and serving others.
To fulfill this statement of purpose, we focus on six “pillars” or areas of concentration:
  • Worship – we join others to worship God through music and spoken word
  • Fellowship – we spend time with fellow believers
  • Discipleship – we work to grow our faith and become more like Christ
  • Ministry – we serve others in our church, our community, and our world
  • Evangelism – we spread the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ
  • Prayer – we spend time getting to know God’s will through prayer


Worship is an important part of our faith. In addition to supporting the practice of private worship, we come together to worship as a congregation on Sunday mornings.
Sunday morning worship services typically include announcements, prayers, songs, collection of tithes and offerings, a Biblical application message from our senior pastor, and time for folks to respond by praying at the altar or speaking with a minister.
Our music is a blend of traditional and contemporary songs, with lyrics displayed on large screens so you can sing along. We are not afraid of offering up a new song and want people to have the freedom to worship in all ways that are scriptural!